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Report: 9 Million Americans Lost Health Insurance Due to the Recession

September 20, 2011 | By: Robert | Comments ( 0 ) | Posted in: Health

Roughly 9 million Americans lost their health insurance as a result of the economic downturn, according to a new report*. In all, 52 million Americans are currently without health insurance.



The number of uninsured Americans rose by 4.3 million in 2009, mainly due to job losses. Most Americans receive health insurance benefits through their employer, and rising unemployment left many without coverage.


It's no surprise that those with the lowest incomes are most likely to be uninsured. Over 75 percent of the uninsured are members of the working-class.


Contrary to popular belief, losing a job doesn't necessarily mean losing health insurance, too.


A more affordable alternative is individual health insurance. Applicants who are relatively healthy can find quality health care coverage for a lot less than the cost of COBRA.


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